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Prothermo NMT539 - Average temperature

Average temperature measurement
Prothermo NMT539

High precision average temperature measurement

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    • Technical Information (TI)

    Prothermo NMT539

    Russian version - 08/2005

    New version available in English

    Взрывобезопасный преобразователь для нескольких сигналов с высокоточными датчиками средней температуры и уровня подтоварнойводы для применения в инвентарном и коммерческом учете

    • Technical Information (TI)

    Prothermo NMT539 - Technical Information

    English version - 05/2011

    New version available in English

    Available in four different versions based on customer requirements: Converter Only Converter & Temp. probe Converter & Water bottom probe Converter, temp. & water bottom probe Converter is compatible with various element types in third party manufacturer temp. probe.

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