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Product picture BTU meter RH33

EngyCal RH33
BTU meter

Custody transfer BTU meter for recording heat quantities of water

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    Активная площадь дисплея 70 x 34 мм

  • Расчеты

    количество теплоты и разница в количестве теплоты

Область применения

The BTU meter RH33 is used in applications with liquid energy carriers.
It calculates the thermal energy of water acc. to EN1434, glycol/water mixtures or other fluids such as thermal oils. Temperature sensor matching using calibrated temperature sensors is done in the device.
Potential for cost savings can be shown by using the software available as an accessory.
The device has a custody transfer approval and allows bi-directional measurement, e.g. charging/discharging of a heat accumulator.

Recording and billing the quantities of heat and cold in:

  • Heating circuits

  • Cooling circuits

  • Combined heating and cooling circuits

Typical application areas in industry, long-distance heat networks and building automation.


  • Transparent energy consumption helps you save on energy costs

  • Calibrated, electronically paired temperature sensors ensure the highest accuracy and enable replacement of individual temperature sensors even for certified devices in the field (without reapproval!)

  • Tariff counter for requirements-based billing

  • Detailed data logging of current and counter values and of error messages, off-limit conditions and changes to operating parameters

  • Standard models are suitable for connecting and supplying all common volume flow transmitters and temperature measuring points

  • Remote readout via Ethernet and fieldbuses

  • Verified and certified reliability and accuracy

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