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FOUNDATION Fieldbus Certified Technical Specialist

Learn in theory and through practical hands-on tasks how FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 really works.

The five-day training program standardized by the Fieldbus Foundation leads to the qualification FOUNDATION Fieldbus Certified Technical Specialist. It is carried out together with STC Brielle (Netherlands), the official training center for Europe certified by the Fieldbus Foundation. The course teaches the basics of FOUNDATION Fieldbus in 4 days and wraps up on the fifth day with an examination.


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12.11.2018 - 14.11.2018 Reinach Швейцария 1550 CHF Зарегистрироваться


  • In the theoretical part the following content is covered:
    Structure and organization of the Fieldbus Foundation; from 4-20 mA to fieldbus; structure of a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network (H1, HSE).

  • Component overview; installation guidelines; segment structure for explosive areas; how data exchange works.

  • Device description files (ffo, sym, cff); function block types; Resource and Transducer Blocks; handling of the block modes; control in the field, FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol structure.

  • In the practical part the following content is covered:
    Wiring a bus segment; device integration; measuring the signal with an oscilloscope; bus analysis with the latest tools.

  • Recording and interpreting the FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol with the bus analyzer; creating control loops with FOUNDATION Fieldbus function blocks; device exchange; troubleshooting.


  • Learn about and learn how to use the possibilities that are typical of FOUNDATION Fieldbus, such as "Control in the field”

  • Practical use of tools to analyze the performance of segments and disturbances on the bus. Efficient design of segments.

  • Avoiding mistakes, and thereby increased costs, when designing, commissioning and maintaining FOUNDATION Fieldbus networks.

Кому это будет интересно?

  • Engineers involved in planning FOUNDATION Fieldbus plants

  • System Programers

  • Service Technicians

  • Measurement and control technicians

  • Trainers

Предварительные условия

Familiar with electromechanical basics. Able to use basic computer applications.


The five-day training program standardized by the Fieldbus Foundation leads to the qualification FOUNDATION Fieldbus Certified Technical Specialist.
After successfully passing the exam, you receive an internationally recognized certificate and your name is listed on the website of the Fieldbus Foundation.
The Endress+Hauser certificate is recognized worldwide for the quality of training and the competence in process automation it stands for.

Метод оценки

Participants are given time to work with the various components of a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network.
We put emphasis on a balanced approach to theory and practice as well as a vendor-neutral atmosphere.
Mornings are spent learning the theoretical background and afternoons with the actual components and integration of the field devices into the system.
Almost half the course is spent on giving you ample opportunity to use what you have learned in hands-on tasks taken straight from our experience.


Theory and practical hands-on.

Примеры успешного применения


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