The “go-to solution” for oil field metering

Standardized for tight deadlines, customizable to meet special requirements

Oil enters, passes through a strainer to remove gross solids, and then flows into a watercut monitor. If water rich ‘bad oil’ is detected, the signal at the system controller diverts the oil stream to a discharge line and this means that only the flow of acceptable oil is recorded by the Lease Automatic Custody Transfer.


  • LACT unit in accordance to custody transfer international standards

  • Worldwide engineering, construction, after-sales and service support

  • Patented flow meter technology to guarantee performances independent from fluid properties

Better operation costs control

The oil density as well as the flow rate is reported by the Coriolis custody flow meter and pressure and temperature readings are used in the flow computer to calculate, report and store standardized volume flow in BPD or other operator selected units.

LACT unit ©Endress+Hauser
LACT unit ©Endress+Hauser

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