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Reduce costs and increase productivity with innovative measurement technology

How to improve food production efficiency

Combine innovative instruments, digitalization, maintenance and cleaning optimization to reduce costs and increase productivity

Raw materials, water and cleaning agents are important resources in food production. These areas offer great potential to increase the performance of your processes. Innovative measurement technology and performance, data availability and resource conservation are essential steps on the way to food production efficiency.

Our Offering

Endress+Hauser understands the challenges faced by food manufacturer in the context of rising ingredient costs. Precise, reproducible measurements play a crucial role here. Our innovative portfolio of products, services and solutions helps you to consistently avoid losses and thus increase efficiency in production. We help you with

  • Innovative, highly accurate measuring equipment

  • Digitalization opportunities

  • Optimization potential in the cleaning process

  • Solutions for maintenance and calibration

  • Reduction of contamination load in wastewater


Precise measurement of raw materials

Whether your ingredients are delivered in liquid or solid form, via ship or truck, loading, unloading and storage requires accurate information regarding the quantities.

Storage and loading of raw materials by truck
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser ensures improved inventory management in the food industry thanks to complete monitoring solutions that range from receipt and storage of the materials, to delivery.

  • With our certified loading and unloading skids, you can increase throughput, gain time and cost savings, and improve the accuracy of your transfer activities, while maintaining full compliance with hygiene standards.

Monitoring of production processes

Accidental losses can occur when operators get distracted. Overfilling or unintended product draining can also be a reason.

Overfill prevention and leakage detection
Our expertise in the field

Spotting accidental discharge or overfilling requires precise monitoring of all process steps. These challenges can be reliably solved with highly-precise level measurement instruments from Endress+Hauser.

  • Reliable overfill protection for liquids and bulk solids thanks to our vibronic or capacitance level switch technology. Liquiphant, Soliphant and Liquipoint level switches are the suitable solution.

  • Precise, non-contact and maintenance-free measurements for liquids and bulk solids with our radar level measurement technology. The Micropilot family is a safe solution, even under extreme process conditions.

Optimization in cleaning processes

Monitor and control your cleaning process in real-time with innovative sensor technology. Inline measuring sensors determine, for example, when each phase of the CIP cycle ends and when the next should begin.

CIP system in food processing
Our expertise in the field

Innovative liquid analysis sensors are used to determine when product or rinse water is in the line starting the CIP system only if zero product remains after rinsing. Fast, reliable responses in real-time from the process are important to reduce product, cleaning agent and water loss.

  • Choose the right sensor from a broad portfolio of liquid analysis sensors and transmittersDiscover further potential of optimization in your Clean-In-Place process

Opportunities for digitalization

Over the past few years, the digital transition within industries has resulted in a wide range of opportunities related to instruments, platforms or processes. How can a complex industry like food and beverage adapt to these challenges or benefit from these opportunities?

Measurement data in a dashboard on a tablet
Our expertise in the field

Digital sensors collect real-time data from processes and keep an eye on your instrument performance and health. Such opportunities can help you to ensure food safety or to control product quality.

  • Smart sensors with Heartbeat Technology guarantee permanent diagnostics and verification without process interruptions. We offer a broad range of instruments with Heartbeat Technology.

  • Netilion Health is a digital asset-health management service that puts your maintenance team a step ahead of problems. It provides diagnostics from your field devices anywhere at any time, so you can have remedies ready when you need them.

Instrument maintenance and calibration

Regular calibration is essential to keep your field instrumentation reliable and to ensure production process efficiency. Even slight measurement deviations or errors can cause losses or impact performance.

Instrument maintenance and calibration ensure performance and availability
Our expertise in the field

From on-site to laboratory calibration, Endress+Hauser provides timely and traceable maintanance services for your critical measuring instruments.

Reduce contaminant loads in wastewater

Wastewater in the food and beverage industry contains contaminant loads, such as fats, sugar and solids, for which the manufacturer has to pay additional wastewater treatment fees.

Wastewater sampling
Our expertise in the field

Economically speaking, it’s best to minimize the contaminant load by reducing the product that enters the waste stream. To optimize pre-treatment or reduce the BOD load in wastewater with the highest reliability and efficiency, Endress+Hauser instruments measure all relevant wastewater parameters to ensure that the wastewater can be safety discharged into the municipal sewage system or even direct into a body of water.

  • Endress+Hauser can help you reliably prevent, monitor and treat wastewater that accumulates during production. Discover how it works by reading our story wastewater treatment in the food industry.

Discover potential areas of product loss

Product loss in dairy processes ©Endress+Hauser

From the receiving and storage of ingredients to the shipment of the end product, each and every manufacturing process has the potential to prevent product loss.


Working together with numerous customers, our industry and application experts have achieved striking results in the reduction and prevention of product loss and in enhancing the efficiency of food production processes. Together we were able to reduce costs and increase yields. The complete product portfolio from Endress+Hauser guarantees success from the very start. Our goal is to be a reliable partner in every aspect of your production.

  • 5-6%

    fewer deviations from tolerance ranges through precise measurement results.

  • ~15 %

    less water consumption by optimizing the phase separation with innovative measurement technology.

  • 40%

    longer life cycle of our digital analysis sensors.

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