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Advanced water drainage control for efficient ore extraction

LLP Bakyrchik Mining Venture trusts Endress+Hauser measuring technologies

Polymetal International plc is a leading precious metals mining group operating in Russia and Kazakhstan. LLP Bakyrchik Mining Venture is a subsidiary of Polymetal and the operator of the gold mining project Kyzyl located the North-West Kazakhstan, its reserves are estimated at 280 tons of gold and it processes 2 million tons of ore per year. The use of reliable Endress+Hauser instrumentation helped to optimize the mine drainage process and reduced ore extraction downtime.

LLP Bakyrchik Mining Venture ©Polymetal

LLP Bakyrchik Mining Venture

Customer benefit

  • Accurate measurement for smooth control of the mine draining process

  • High system reliability and availability to operate the pumping station under the control of a single person

  • Maintenance by Endress+Hauser technicians is required no more than once a year

  • Downtime reduction

Yuri Ovchinnikov, Managing Director
LLP Bakyrchik Mining Venture, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

We are impressed with the reliability and easy maintenance of Endress+Hauser instruments. Extensive product portfolio and customized solutions expertise ensured us that we’ve made the right choice.

Yuri Ovchinnikov, Managing Director
LLP Bakyrchik Mining Venture, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Customer challenge

LLP Bakyrchik Mining Venture had to drain an unused mine, as water leaked into the quarry and hindered ore extraction. One of the major requirements towards measuring devices was high accuracy of measurement to regulate water drainage process parameters. The implemented solution had to be reliable and require minimal maintenance, so that the personnel could configure it quickly and easily in the stand-by mode.

Our solution

A representative of Endress+Hauser, LLP Dim Stroy, designed a mobile pumping station with instrumentation to support accurate pressure, flow, level and temperature measurement and control of the mine draining process. The robust design and the reliable functionality of devices guaranteed smooth operation of the pumping station and optimally accelerated the mine draining process, resulting in increased ore production in the dry quarry.

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